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Short science-fiction film: Saurora

Pavel Siska’s debut science-fiction short film created by using free and open-source tools: an underwater rescue mission on a remote planet centered around two co-workers in heavy submersible suits takes shortly an unplanned course.

Source: Short science-fiction film: Saurora – Dan-Marius Sabău


Short science-fiction film: Ouroboros

The quantum physicist Dr. Faye O’Neill creates an artificial wormhole and achieves a breakthrough in teleportation. But the wormhole brings an unexpected visitor – Faye’s future self – with a warning that the teleportation device threatens the fabric of spacetime and the very existence of the universe.

Source: Short science-fiction film: Ouroboros – Dan-Marius Sabău

Short science-fiction film: Orb

Orb an original science fiction film created by the TheThreeLancers, and it’s part of the RGBw series of films – it takes place in a parallel universe to our own: in the year 2049 an alien force arrives defeating the United Nations in less than 24 hours.

Source: Short science-fiction film: Orb – Dan-Marius Sabău

Short science-fiction film: In sight

An interesting fantastic sci-fi short film about a young woman discovers her true origins by viewing her father’s memories in a world where memories can be digitally recorded and replayed.

Source: Short science-fiction film: In sight – Dan-Marius Sabău

Red Dawn, by ArtFX

These french guys know from the ArtFX special effects school how to ceate very interesting short films: the animation is great!

Source: Red Dawn, by ArtFX – Dan-Marius Sabău

Short science-fiction film: The signal

An interesting short science fiction film that happens in 2046, after the energy crisis and all the fights that broke all over the world.

Source: Short science-fiction film: The signal – Dan-Marius Sabău

Short science-fiction film: ALEKTO

Alekto is a science fiction which invokes questions about conspiracy theories and the entire evolution of Man. An earthling is kidnapped into space, discovering parallel dimensions that she could have never imagined.

Source: Short science-fiction film: ALEKTO – Dan-Marius Sabău

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