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Joomla sitemap extension

Since the version 1.4 the JEmbedAll compoment allows the Joomla administrators generate the sitemap of the site (a snapshot of the categories and the articles) in HTML and XML formats. The component works with multilanguages Joomla sites.

Source: Joomla sitemap extension – Dan-Marius Sabău


Joomla! extension development – Dan-Marius Sabău

If you want a Joomla! extension to use for your websites or to sell for money use the following conditional form – it will help me understand more about what you need and how I can help you get that.

Source: Joomla! extesion development – Dan-Marius Sabău

Websites, apps and services – Dan-Marius Sabău

The services I am offering start with website development and web applications, continues with writing and optimizing the software code & scripts and search engine optimization.

Source: Websites, apps and services – Dan-Marius Sabău

Cum sa-ti ajuti concurenta sa aiba un site mai bun / Felia mea de internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania


Titlul poate părea ilogic, dar dacă-l parcurgeţi o să descoperiţi că are logica lui. Dar haideţi să încep cu începutul: internetul e prin de roboţi (sau boţi, sau crawler-e, sau spider-e – spuneţi-le cum vreţi) folosiţi pentru indexarea site-urilor, pentru a le umple de spam (mesaje şi comentarii nesolicitate), pentru a copia conţinutul, etc., etc. În perioada asta cam oricine ştie puţin php (de exemplu, dar nu este singurul limbaj de programare care poate fi folosit) poate face un robot din ăsta – nu e decît un script sau un program care rulează pe un calculator cu acces la internet. Sau îl poate descărca de pe internet.


Oricum, ideea e că internetul colcăie de aşa ceva. Aici afli cum îi foloseşti: Cum sa-ti ajuti concurenta sa aiba un site mai bun / Felia mea de internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

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Webdesign: Five reasons why you should use Joomla for your website design


Joomla is one of the free CMS (Content Management Systems) that gathered a lot of users in the last few years. The number of websites created with Joomla is numbered in a few hundred thousands, so one can say it’s one of the most popular tools to create web sites. The next reasons are only a few why you shoold use Joomla for your website design. You only need a web server that handles php and a mysql database to install this CMS and, after configuring it, to have a functional website. Next you have to add some functions (using the components, modules and plugins) you need and select or create a Joomla theme.

It is user friendly and easy to learn

Even beginners are welcome to use this – it may take longer to find out about all its function but it’s easy to learn. It takes at most a few days to learn it all over. The CMS is rather big (especially when you never worked with other CMSs) because it’s under constant development for some years, but it’s easy to follow the modification made in time – there are availabe online various versions of Joomla.


Webdesign Five reasons why you should use Joomla for your website design /Dan-Marius.ro – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Webdesign: How to make your own web site

If you want to make a presence online, with all the advantages and obligation that come from that, you have to get some necessary steps. Depending of your experience over internet they can be easy or they can be difficult, but with the appropriate help everything will be easy and you will only benefit from this activity.

Get your domain name

The first thing you need to do before anything else is to get yourself a domain name. Choose wisely because it’s going to represent you online and must define you: it can be your name, your trademark or business name or your field of activity.

Depending the Top Level Domain (TLDs) you choose (they have their own rules), you will have to pay an annual fee to a registrar for the right to use that domain name or you can buy it “for life” (until you die, the interne dies or you decide to delete it). In some situations you’ll have to buy similar domain name in order to prevent lose of clients or fraud, but you can find more information from tips for registering and choosing the domain name – read them and follow them.


Webdesign: How to design your own web site


There are a few steps you need to do if you want a website, you can find them here. After reserving the domain name you may want to design your own website instead hiring someone to do this job for you – the result depends of your webdesign skills. If you don’t want anything important, ust a presentation web site with a few static pages it’s ok to use HTML tags with CSS, but if you want something more complex, such a dynamic website that’s not enough.

The first thing you have to do in designing your website is to choose one programming language (as php, C#, JSP, Java) and a database (MySql, Oracle or others). if you really want to do it youself or to hire an expert web designer to do this job for you, you can use and customize a free Content Managment System (CMS). In the first situation you can get a free CMS to use for (as Joomla – there are some reasone why you should use it, Drupal or WordPress), you configure it and you let people know your website.


Webdesign How to design your own web site /Dan-Marius.ro – felia mea de internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

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