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The informations are taken from here. Our portofoliul is the next: web design, custom software, search engines optimization (seo), our web pages şi publishing house activity.

Supravirtual SRL is a consulting and software firm founded in the year 2005 in Oradea, Bihor county, Romania. In the last years we realised projects that improved the activities of firms and persons using software products adapted personal needs.

One of the goals we have assigned ourself is the elimination of the ad-hoc metods (forms or tools difficult to use – as much on fizical form as much as virtual form) that are insufficient the most times. That can be realised only by providing a complete information solution according to client’s demands and needs, that follows constant the scrolling activity. The information systems existing can offer to few or to many facilitations, without being modulated to client’s needs.

We invite you to contact us to analyse together the advantages you can get by developing a complete information solution according to your demands and needs.

We offer entire range of IT services starting the initial free consult, continuing with the develope and deliver of the project and finishing with the it’s maintenance and promotion.

The stages that a project passes to final are the next:

1. Initial consult;

2. The establish of demand and the hand over of the estimation;

3. Graphic design (the logo, the page template, the user interface);

4. The confirm of the design and choosing the variant preffered by the client;

5. The develop of the chosen variant into a source code (html, php for the web pages or other code for the other softwares);

6. The search engines optimization for the page (for the web pages);

7. Making of the interactive elements (menus/animations – for the web pages)

8. Construction the dynamic elements (databases, administration part, authentication – for the web pages);

9. Testing and delivering the project;

10. The maintenance of the project;

11. The promotion on internet as well on our own pages as on other pages with target public.


We offer two types of advertising: active and passive.

The passive advetising implies the optimization of your page, existing or as a project, for increase visibility for the search engines.

For active advertising we offer promotion campaign using grafic banner, promotion articles in any page that belogns to us (existing now or in project, after they will be ready).

The base price for banner grafic advertising is 10 Euro/one thousand displays, discount being granted depending the contracted volume. For details you can use the contact form on the page http://ww.supravirtual.ro .


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